Flipper Platinum Scraper 28" / 70 cm

Flipper Platinum Scraper 28" / 70 cm

Often the hand scraper is the most convenient way to remove coral algae or other stubborn deposits from hard-to-clean areas of your aquarium

That's why the Flipper Platinum Scraper was designed.

The Flipper Platinum Scraper allows you to use any old credit card, loyalty card or gift card as a scraper blade. This way, you may never need to buy blades for your Flipper scraper again.

For added flexibility, scraper cards can be inserted in any direction and cut to special shapes to clean rounded or narrow areas of your aquarium.

For extra durability, the handle of the Flipper Platinum scraper is made of fiberglass.

Specifications :

  • Handle length about 70 cm 
  • Card slot dimensions approx: Length 85 mm; width 85 mm; thickness 1 mm


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