Flipper Standard 2 in 1 Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Standard 2 in 1 Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Standard is manufactured with some of the strongest rare earth magnets available, allowing it to clean glass or acrylic aquariums from 9mm up to 12mm thick.

Reference: F-STAN


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Its unique design virtually eliminates the possibility of trapping sand particles! Its ultra flat profile and combined scraper and brush design saves valuable time for daily cleaning. That's why Flipper Standard has quickly become a "must-have" cleaning tool for demanding aquarists and professionals alike!

The side of the blade has only 3 points of contact, giving a 3 mm gap between the cleaner and the glass. This minimises the risk of trapping sand, and therefore the risk of scratches, even when cleaning underneath the sand!

Flipper Standard has almost neutral buoyancy and therefore does not sink if the magnets are disengaged. In addition, its unique directional buoyancy always keeps the magnet facing the glass, making it easier to retrieve.

Specifications Flipper Standard

  • For glass or acrylic aquariums from 9 mm to 12 mm thick.
  • Made with rare earth magnets for incredible cleaning power and durability. Cleans even the toughest coral algae.

Delivered with :

  • 1 x stainless steel blade for glass aquariums
  • 1 x ABS plastic blade for acrylic aquariums

It is suggested to replace the blades as soon as necessary.


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