Maxspect Pastel Reef Magnifier L

Maxspect Pastel Reef Magnifier L

Struggling to take a clear, detailed photo of your corals?

With Maxspect Pastel Reef Magnifier ... it's over!

Designed specifically for coral enthusiasts, so you can take the most natural-looking coral photos possible, without any post-production!


With blue LED lighting that brings out the colors of the corals, you can even take photos at night.


Two-color filters are also available as an option, allowing you to see corals differently.

These are the Sunset Boulevard and Gouda Cheese filters.


These filters are removable and allow you to see corals differently.


Available in two sizes, M: 11.5 cm and L: 13.8 cm


3x magnification with focal range from 8 to 20 cm

Thanks to powerful neodymium magnets, Maxspect Pastel Reef Magnifier can be mounted on aquariums with glass thicknesses up to :

Size M: 15mm

Size L: 20 mm


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