Calanus Liquid 250ml

Calanus Liquid 250ml

With a shelf life (under ambient conditions) of 12 months it is not necessary to keep it refrigerated. Calanus® liquid can be used for feeding directly from the bottle. Prepared with care, this product uses the same high-quality Calanus® ingredients found in other Calanus® products.

Calanus® is a decapod (10 legged) free swimming zooplankton that are instantly recognised by their intense blood-orange colouration. This colouration stems from the extremely high levels of astaxanthin and other carotenoids stored within the Calanus® body.

Calanus® is the “engine” of the eco-system in the Atlantic Ocean constituting a complete blend of essential components required by fish and other sea life including corals and invertebrates. These components are of vital importance for the healthy growth and development of larval and juvenile fish and shrimps. Calanus® are harvested in spring when they rise to the surface layers of the North Atlantic Ocean to feed on phytoplankton.


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