Roller Clean 200 Glamorca

Roller Clean 200 Glamorca

ROLLER CLEAN is an automatic water filtration device for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It mechanically removes suspended particles and other impurities such as debris, food and organic waste from the water column and at the same time restores clear water.

Reference: TC-RC200



The particularly innovative system of the ROLLER CLEAN makes it possible to change the filtering fleece roller very easily. Indeed, it is designed in 2 parts:

  • the first is a holder which is fixed to the aquarium or technical tank rim
  • the second part is a cassette that supports the filtering fleece roll and allows it to be easily removed for any maintenance operation or roll replacement.

Left or right

Thanks to the ingenious design, ROLLER CLEAN can be placed on the left or right side of the technical tank!


To replace the filter fleece roll, simply remove the support cassette from its holder, remove the dirty fleece roll from the cassette, replace it with a clean one and place it back into the holder.


Depending on the position of the level sensor in the support cassette, the frequency with which the filter fleece is wound up can be determined (the fleece will be more or less loaded).

The window!

By opening the lower window on the left side of the support cassette, part of the water will not pass through the filter fleece anymore. This setting is very important, because after a certain period of use of the ROLLER CLEAN, the water could become too poor in nutrients and in this case, not all the water must pass through the filter fleece.

In colour!

The controller is fitted with 3 different colour LEDs which, when lit, give the following information:

  • Green LED : the controller has initiated the rewinding by the motor drum of the filter fleece,
  • Blue LED : the level sensor is blocked, the controller has detected that the level sensor has been activated too long during the rewinding of the fleece,
  • Red LED : The drum motor is blocked ; the controller analyses the power of the motor during its operation and stops it if it is overloaded.

The ROLLER CLEAN filter fleece.

The density and structure of the ROLLER CLEAN filter fleece are specially designed for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Therefore, the ROLLER CLEAN filter fleece allows the removal of the largest waste particles which can be a source of excess of nitrates and high phosphates, but doesn't completely eliminate the nitrogen and phosphorus components. The filter fleece also doesn't remove salts and trace elements from the water, thus ensuring stable aquarium water parameters.

The structure and the density of the ROLLER CLEAN filtering fleece allow a much more important water flow compared to certain similar products. They also ensure a faster drying of the fleece after the filtration process.


The filtering fleece ROLLER CLEAN doesn't affect the correct performance of the protein skimmers.

The ROLLER CLEAN filter fleece has received a positive approval from the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Poland, which is the result of more than three years of detailed research in experimental freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Additional information!

The mounting brackets allow mounting on the rim of an aquarium or sump up to a glass thickness of 8 mm, with a possible height adjustment of approx. 12 cm.

A roll of filter fleece lasts from 1.5 to 3 months, depending on the settings and contamination of the aquarium.

The standard length of a roll is about 42 m, the maximum flow rate through the filter fleece is 8000l/h.

Dimensions: 29 x 13 x 41 cm.

Connection: 32 mm elbow connection on both sides.

Complete water filter unit ready for use - no assembly!


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