Maxspect Jump LED 30W - Refugium

Maxspect Jump LED 30W - Refugium

The new Maxspect Jump MJ-L130R LED light, with the R signifying Refuge, is made entirely of aluminum with an elegant matte finish. With a completely sealed construction for maximum safety and a fanless design for passive cooling, it is ideal for use in wet and saltwater environments such as refuges.

The Jump MJ-L130R will appeal to all aquarists who need to light Chaetomorpha in their refuges, but it may also be of interest to many aquarists who grow macro algae for ornamental purposes in saltwater Aquascapes.

The Jump MJ-L130R has 32 LEDs divided into white, red and dark blue diodes, for a color spectrum specially designed for different species of macro algae and with a maximum power of 30 watts.

Preset programs

Instead of application-based control for the Jump MJ-L130R, Maxspect has opted for an inline controller with fixed, one-touch photoperiod programs. It allows you to choose from 3 different spectrums: "All Purpose", "Enhanced Growth" and "Macroalgae Thrive AB+" as well as 3 photoperiods of six, ten and twelve hours. 

Technical specifications:

For aquarium from 30 to 50 cm 

Power supply

Input: AC100-240v 50/60Hz 0.85 A

Output: DC 24v 1.5 A 

Max. lighting power: 30W

Dimensions (without stand): 242 x 124 x 28.5 mm

Weight: 845 g 

32 LEDs divided as follows:

·         12x 6500-7000K white

·         16x 660 nm hyper red

·         4x 450-455 nm deep blue

Preset spectrums: "All purpose", "Enhanced growth" and "Macroalgae Thrive AB+"

Photoperiods: 6, 10 and 12 hours


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