Deionization filter

Deionization filter

The deionization filter makes it possible to produce a water of very high purity. This step makes it possible to remove the Anions and Cations still present in the water after passing the membrane.

Very effective, it will allow you to obtain a rate of TDS close to 0 and a possible conductivity of 0.1μm. Ideal values for reef aquarium!

In order for the system to function optimally, it is essential that the operation, maintenance and filter replacement requirements are performed as specified in your Glamorca Reverse Osmosis User's Manual.

Do not use when the water is microbiologically hazardous or of unknown quality.

This filter is for aquarium use only.

Flow Rate
1 gpm - 3,78 l / min.
Temperature of use Min. / Max.
5 - 52°C
Operating pressure Min. / Max.
2 - 5,5 bar

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