Maxspect Jump Skimmer 200

Maxspect Jump Skimmer 200

The Maxspect Jump SK200 skimmer is a new generation skimmer with an innovative design different from a classic skimmer.

Reference: MJ-SK200


Double inlet and double needle wheel

The Maxspect Jump SK200 skimmer has two water inlets that allow the skimmer to suck water from two sides. Each water inlet has two needle wheels, one of which rotates while the other is static. This unique, patented design produces tiny, higher density bubbles that greatly improve skimming efficiency.

Everything is integrated

The elegance and refinement of the Maxspect Jump SK200 skimmer has been achieved through several ingenious ideas such as concealing the air silencer, incorporating a bubble trap system to prevent micro-bubbles from escaping into the tank and integrating the water level control knob into the skimmer body. This last feature makes it possible to adjust the water level in the skimmer easily and accurately.

Near-Silent operation

The Maxspect Jump SK200 skimmer is provided with a DC pump for almost silent skimmer operation.

Start delay and overflow protection

The Maxspect Jump SK200 skimmer starts smoothly and has an overflow sensor that stops the skimmer if necessary.

Easy maintenance

The design with quick-release openings allows easy maintenance, cleaning and servicing.

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