Digital aquarium thermometer

Digital aquarium thermometer

Digital aquarium thermometer

This thermometer has a large, easy-to-read digital LCD display that allows you to view the temperature of your aquarium at a quick look.

Reference: A-KT506


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It has a high and low temperature alarm function which is set at 28°C for the high limit and 18°C for the low limit.

This thermometer should be fixed onto the outside glass of the aquarium, making sure that the metal part at the back is placed a few centimetres below the water line so that the water temperature is as accurate as possible.

Furthermore, as this thermometer is placed on the glass outside the aquarium, it will not be covered by algae. So there is no need to clean it to check the temperature!

Avoid contact with water and never immerse the thermometer in water. This would make it unusable!

Power Supply unit
1 x 1.5V AG10 Button Battery (Included)
Temperature Range
0°C to 37°C
±0,6°C - ±0,15%
Default Setting for Alarm
Highest: 28°C; Lowest: 18°C
Thermometer Size
51 x 36 x 10mm

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