Maxspect Diffuser Hood for Jump MJ-L165

Maxspect Diffuser Hood for Jump MJ-L165

Improved aesthetics

The use of the light diffuser provided with the specific filters allows obtaining a homogeneous mixture of colors, a better distribution of the light, thus improving the general aesthetics of an aquarium.

With the two supplied diffusion filters, the user can fine-tune the color mix and adjust the intensity of the light output (PAR), such as reducing the intensity of the light, which can be beneficial for aquariums with sensitive corals or fish species that require less intense lighting.

No light leakage

Designed to fit perfectly with the Jump fixture, it prevents unwanted light leakage, which is especially helpful when you want to mount Jump LEDs high on the aquarium.

Compatible with Maxspect MJ-L165 Normal and MJ-L165 Blue lamps (sold separately).

The Diffuser for MJ-L165:

·         Allows for even color mixing

·         Improves light diffusion and coverage

·         Comes with two diffusion filters for customized results

·         Allows for better control of PAR reduction

·         Reduces shimmer and shadows

·         Prevents unwanted light leakage

·         Easy to install with clip-on design


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